The Musicians

Tiarnán (Kilo) Ó hAimhirghín

Our rock and inspiration.  A man who can play many tunes, sometimes all in a single song (without any warning) and the inventor of the left handed tin whistle


Pádraig (Fear Nollaig) Ó hOurihán

Truly a legend on the stage.  The man knows every chord on the guitar although refuses to sing any song the even mentions Dublin.  Obviously a die-hard Leinster supporter.


Alín (Seán Bán) Ó Briain

The voice of a fallen angel, only beaten by his ability to fake guitar playing with style.  His best skill is knowing what Tiarnán is about to play next.


Doina (Sharon Ní Shionnan) Ní Stannaigh

Our anchor musician, originally from Romania but now naturalised Irish purely through her amazing skills with the violin.


Stiofán (Scamaill sa Spéir) Milutinovici

What a musician—this guy could generate music out of a goat skin and a bone if that was possible.